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People are getting more and more creative when it comes to setting a particular mood. They always find new ways to improve it, and for that, they invest in heavy machinery. When I say invest, I don’t mean very much, but they still make an effort to make the atmosphere look as veracious as possible.

1byone Halloween Fog Machine with Remote Control
Fog Output: 2000CFM(cubic ft per minute)
Convenient Hose Drain
Creates enough thick fog to fill a room about two garage size
Theefun Automatic Fog Machine
Produce uniform, unscented fog very fast after a few minutes
easy to use, durable aluminium body
Energy Saving and Non-toxic
Rockville R720L Fog Machine
includes: 1 x R720L Top Quality Fog Machine with LED Lights
features the built-in RGB LED lights
output capacity is pretty big, 3000 CFM

One of everyone’s favorite holidays is Halloween. Both children and adults like to play dress up and go to people’s parties or trick-or-treating. It’s a celebration that ends up with a lot of tummy aches, for children because of too much candy, and for grown-ups because of drinking too much punch. However, for a Halloween to be successful, you need to create the scariest setting. The best way to do that is by using a fog machine.

Everytime you try to create a cemetery in your front yard, or maybe you have a pond at the back of your house, you need something to create some sort of ominous atmosphere. A fog machine will complete both those scenes. Nothing says ‘hunted’ better than a few waves of fake mist, am I right?

Fog will always be associated with scary stuff. If you see some in the cemetery, or around the churchyard, you get all spooked-up and want to get out of there as soon as possible. I don’t really know when the mist has become so scary, but it does work now, which is why a fog machine is a huge hit on Halloween. You don’t even need a big one. Usually, one or two fog machines should be enough to scare all the kids on the block.

I am not going to deny the fact fog machines are also used in other environments as well. Party planners include them in weddings, proms, dances, or any other events where people dance. You have to admit that a little bit of fog looks very nice on the dance floor. However, if you check out the trends, you will notice that people buy fog machines mostly in October, which leads me to believe that Halloween is the primary reason why people buy these devices.

How does a fog machine work?

It’s not rocket science, really. It’s a simple mechanism that turns water into vapors. Just like nature does but in a more controlled environment. To be more specific, the machine you buy for Halloween is water-based. A water-based fog machine uses a mechanism that releases the smoky discharge. It contains fog fluid (which is not water 100%), and the high-pressure pump located in the tank will force the fluid into a heat exchanger. That heat exchanger maintains a very high temperature at all times while the machine is working, and that leads to water vaporization. The whole process is also known as flashing.

During that process, the fluid will do what everything does at very high temperatures; it will expand. That will force the vapor through the machine’s spout. While the gases make contact with the exterior, which is colder, they will turn into atmosphere-enhancing fog. There you have it. There is no simpler explanation than that.

What are the components of a fog machine?

A fog machine consists of five components, each with its own contribution to the flashing process. They are as follows:

  • ü The pump – the pump is the component that sends the fluid from the tank to the heat exchanger. Usually, the machine will have a piston pump, which will have a design to match the heat exchanger.
  • ü The nozzle – since it is high-pressure involved, the nozzle will most likely beconstructed from brass. While the machine is running, the nozzle will become extremely hot, which is why it is recommended that you stay away from it during that time.
  • ü The heat exchanger – this piece is an aluminum block, and it’s the machine’s heating component. The system also includes a channel through which the fluid will make its way to the nozzle.
  • ü Controls – that differs depending on the model you choose. You can go for a fog machine that has a remote control. But that will only have two buttons, an off and on switch. The better choice would be a fog machine that has a timer. That way you canturn on the device and just leave it. It will automatically turn itself on or off, depending on the time you set.
  • ü The fluid – you can’t just pour water in the tank, that’s for sure. You have to buy a special fluid that was created for fog machines. It does contain water, but it also has glycol in it. Manufacturers recommend that you purchase liquid that was specially made for particular models. That is because each device has a unique heating process, and that requires the correct chemical composition. Otherwise, the machine will not work properly.

What to consider when looking for the best fog machine?

There are a few considerations to keep in mind before making a purchase. You can’t just go online and buy the first product that you see. That is not a very smart thing to do. The good news is that making a choice is not very hard because few criteria make a fog machine the best.

  • ü Brand – instead of buying a machine produced by a manufacturer that nobody has ever heard of, go for something renowned, a brand that has been around long enough to know how to build such a machine properly. People apply this criterion to a lot of items, why not to a fog machine?
  • ü Noise levels – the ominous atmosphere you want to create should not contain a loud buzzer. When you decide to buy a fog machine, look at the specifications and go for the device that makes the lowest sounds. That feature will reflect in the price. Usually, the lower the sound, the more expensive the machine is.
  • ü Remote control or timer – maybe a model with a remote control seems more convenient, but it’s really not. At least I don’t think it is. I find that a fog machine with a timer is a lot more useful than the remote controlled one. You just set the timer and leave the machine to do its work. As long as the fluid doesn’t run out, you don’t need to keep an eye on anything.
  • ü Colored lights – if you need the fog machine for a dance floor, you should know that the fog can give some impressive effects. The light will look lovely. Some models come with inbuilt LED lights for maximum effect. You should look into that.

What are the best fog machines?

It’s not easy to find out which machine is the best and whichis the worst. Nobody has tried them all. However, there is an easy way to find out which one is which. You can do what I do whenever I want to purchase something I have never purchased before: you can read fog machine reviews. People who already bought a particular product are the most qualified to tell you about it.

1byone Halloween Fog Machine with Remote Control

Click here to buy on Amazon

This small 400W fog machine has a fog output of 2000 CFM. That is pretty much for such a littlemachine. That is probably why it is so popular among buyers. Given the fact that you use it just once a year, on Halloween, you don’t need it to occupy too much space the rest of the year. It takes about four or five minutes to warm up. The remote control is wired to the unit and has a 6.5 feet long cable. That should be enough to stay away from the machine.

The capacity of the tank is 300 ml, and make sure that you put in only water-based fog juice. The fluid is safe for both the environment and people in it. The metal wiring is also safe, securely isolated. The unit features a hose drain, just in case you want to use the fog machine indoors. The total weight of the unit is 4.7 pounds, which ensures portability. If you want to use it on stage while you are playing, you can transport it with ease.

The fog that comes out from the 1byone machine is pretty thick considering how small the unit is. It makes enough smoke to fill a room the size of two garages, and it does not require fans to disperse it. At the same time, the fog is dense.

Make sure to stay away from the nozzle while the machine is running. If you see condensation on it, that is entirelynormal. There is no need to turn off the device and check it out. If that bothers you, you can just wipe it clean, but only after the machine cools down. The one thing I don’t like is the remote control, but if you want you can purchase a remote for special effect or controlled time. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Theefun Automatic Fog Machine

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The Theefun fog machine also has a wattage of 400 and produces uniform, unscented fog just after a few minutes of warming up. It has an output of 1500 CFM (a little less than the previous model,) and the fog will be sprayed 2 or 3 meters from the unit. The currents will do the rest.

The machine is very easy to use. You will receive a wired remote that has a built-in power cord. One of the things I like about this fog machine is that you can actually see the fluid level in the tank. That way you have control over it. You will know exactly when it runs out and you can do the refill on time. The unit is made of high-quality, durable aluminum. The aluminum ensures a correct heat dissipation, which will ultimately ensure a long lifespan.

Every material that the manufacturer used is non-toxic, and the fog machine is designed to save energy. You need professional fog juice, not pure water. The chemical composition of the juice is ideal, and that is what makes the fog harmless. One of the things I should probably mention is that the Theefun fog machine was designed for indoor use only. So if you are looking for the bestoutdoor fog machine, this is not the one. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Rockville R720L Fog Machine

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I will start by saying that this one is my favorite. I saved the best for last. After what you’ll read what I have to say about it, you will see why I recommend this model above the other two.

I will start by saying that one of my favorite features is the built-in RGB LED lights. Each LED is 3 watts, just perfect for blending in with the smoke. The multiple colors are reliable, bright, and they look fantasticmixed with the fog. Set the color red on Halloween, and you’ll have the spookier house on the block.

The output capacity is pretty big, 3000 CFM. The machine is also very fast. It will start making smoke after just 3.5 minutes of warming up. It’s the fastest fog machine on the market, in this price range. You will receive a wired remote control, which I don’t like, but the other features compensate for this aspect. The fluid you need to put in is pretty standard. You can use the liquid from Rockville, Chauvet, American DJ, Visual Effects, or other renowned brands. The tank has a capacity of 10 ounces. It will run out in about an hour.

The Rockville fog machine is lightweight and portable. I believe that is one of the best fog machines on the market. It can produce a lot of fog, it has the lights, and the fog will persist for an extended period of time comparing to similar products. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.


Some people may think that investing in a fog machine for Halloween is a bit much, but I tend to disagree. They are not that expensive, and they can undoubtedly improve the Halloween atmosphere. In my opinion, a fog machine is worth it. Click here to buy on Amazon

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